The operation and efficiency of SEITANIDIS SECURITY is to a high degree based on the training of its experienced staff, which is reinforced steadily by educational programs and applications.

The training of our personnel takes place in two phases: the first covers basic training which enables guards to think and act as Security Officers; while the second consists of “on the job training”, focusing on specific points which arise from the “Post Orders” of each job.

Occasionally, there are complementary training seminars so that personnel maintain their skills and acquire new methods of control and action. The seminars include:

  • Self defence
  • Application of force
  • Attitude of rights
  • Responsibility towards third parties including suspicious individuals
  • First aid provision
  • Fire safety
  • Decent behaviour towards the public, the employees etc.

The best candidates are selected through the training seminar for special training for services with high requirements (V.I.P. escort etc).