As a result of our experience and our intention to offer security services of high quality, we have created detailed operational rules which all our company executives strictly adhere to.

More specifically, we look for specific skills in Supervisors-Chief and senior staff, and assign responsibilities accordingly.

Security Staff are responsible for client safety, the security of installations and staff working on the premises. They are specialised in the following services:

  • Guarding of Main Gate
  • Building Security
  • Night Service Security
  • Security Services Provision to Cash Collection Points
  • Static Perimetric Guarding
  • Patrol

Security Staff must wear a uniform approved by the General Staff of National Defence, carry all necessary equipment (special torch, whistle, radio receiver, mobile phone, etc.).

On top of these, they have to execute the special tasks required by each job, according to the code of operations and conduct drawn up by the company and approved by the client. Especially in the case of money transport, they have to be aware of the exact conditions under which they are taking place, in close cooperation with the relevant bank.

The Supervisors and Chief Guards are the Heads of the Security which they control 24 hours a day, to ensure the due execution of tasks. Their selection is made based on their grammatical knowledge, excellent behaviour, seniority, evaluations, experience, administrative qualifications and disciplinary record.

Depending on the client’s needs, we determine the areas to be supervised by Supervisors/ Chief Guards, who have the following responsibilities:

  • To care for the security of staff under their responsibility.
  • To execute duly orders and instructions of their Company and especially of the Security Sector and the Heads of their Units.
  • To compose the programme of the Security Staff that fall under their responsibilities and communicate this to the senior personnel at the company.
  • To notify in writing the Company of any event or random incidence through a special report.
  • Following instructions by the client or the Security Unit, they make inspections anytime, day or night, to ensure the correct execution of tasks by Security Staff.
  • To maintain and keep up-to-date the books and instructions, and supervise compliance of Security Staff in relation to the visitors to client premises and control of the visitors, cars and transfered material entering and leaving the area.
  • To supervise the security of staff of the unit, visitors and hosts.
  • To work together with the Military, Police and Fire Authorities, when deemed necessary.

Supervision is undertaken by the task supervisor of SEITANIDIS SECURITY who is physically present (observable or not) on all the staff working areas. The Supervisor/ Chief Guard checks the appearance and state of the staff (competeness, presence, state of the uniform), the completeness and functionality of the equipment, the normality and correctness of the documents in books/ forms as well as whether all instructed actions have been executed.

Within the framework of these controls a detailed recording takes place regarding the appearance (or lack thereof) of unwanted individuals in the guarded installations, as well as any apparent destruction, damage, impairment etc. and intervention by security staff in the case of emergency (thefts, damage, evacuation, etc.).

After developing a well-designed security system, it is particularly important to ensure it is correctly implemented.

Therefore at SEITANIDIS SECURITY we have manned under speciaized security (armouring, air-conditioning, radio circuit, electricity autonomy, ventilation) a complete automated Central station, equipped with dedicated Computers, Micro Real Time and Programs of Special Software Applications.

The Centre operates 24 hours a day all year round, in order to coordinate and supervise the task of security personnel. Today it receives over 1.700 calls a day, and depending on needs or incidents can:

  • Mobilise the Police very quickly, for each emergency call that it receives, notifying at the same time the Subscriber, before and after the Police control.
  • Put SEITANIDIS SECURITY patrol cars on alert.
  • Control the ON/OFF operation of systems whose running has been assigned to third parties or employees (stores, Banks etc.) by notifying in writing on a monthly basis the responsible body the days and hours that these systems were operated.
  • Watch over the power supply and state of wiring in each system; and in the case of any adverse incident mobilise an owner.
  • Control and realize a number of subtle electronic security systems all over Greece (telecontrols, signals confirming an alarm etc.) including video registration by discreet cameras, in areas which require such supervision (jewellery shops, Bank safes, etc.).
  • Submit a written copy of operations which were supervised by the Centre (through a computer), day after an incident, at the request of the Subscriber.

All these services are provided at a particularly low cost, thanks to the number of connected systems.