SEITANIDIS SECURITY has been providing security services since 2001. The knowledge and long-term experience of George Seitanidis were the motivating factor behind its creation. George Seitanidis has specialised in the provision of security services to large-scale enterprises and VIPs for the last two decades.

Our company’s mission is the planning, study and application of high technology security systems, as well as setting up security measures in high-risk areas. SEITANIDIS SECURITY has provided its security services to large-scale commercial centres and hotel premises. This has enabled us to acquire ample experience, necessary for the provision of modern security to meet the requirements of up-to-date practices in security systems.

Flexibility and efficiency are the aim of SEITANIDIS SECURITY company. That is why the selection criteria used for its personnel are very strict. Security personnel receive special training by our company, which enables them to fully meet our clients’ requirements (including: escort of VIPs, money transport, vigilance over building installations, open-air spaces, storehouses, cash collection points, VIPs etc).

The company SEITANIDIS SECURITY is located in Marousi. It has acquired the Private Company Operation Licence required by the Greek Police Authority. The quality and high standards of its services are certified by the largest international organisations.

In an era in which social differences are widening and incidents of violence are alarmingly growing, every businessman wishes to ensure the safety of his staff, his property and, of course, his personal being and that of his loved ones. SEITANIDIS SECURITY can help meet these challenges.

By providing you with the security that you really need, we help you devote yourself entirely to what you deserve: a professional and personal life without stress and the extra worries associated with unexpected security related incidences!

As a result of providing security services for a number of corporations, SEITANIDIS SECURITY meets all the security requisites for the smooth operation of your business. Our company’s expertise is in:

  • The planning and study of high technology security systems;
  • The efficient application of these systems;
  • The setting up of security measures in high risk installations;

All the actions mentioned above are ensured by our highly trained employees, who dispose of legally required skills. Our employees have all served in the Armed Forces.

SEITANIDIS SECURITY goal is to provide comprehensive security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to our clients. In order to achieve this, we have set up a strict supervision system for security staff during the execution of their assignment to ensure:

  • The speedy detection of unexpected problems and requirements as they occur
  • The highest possible level of service provision
  • Constant contact with security staff on the working premises

Our services assist operations to run smoothly even in the face of unexpected circumstances.